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News and Appearances

My personal appearance plans for 2020 are evolving. Check back here or subscribe to my Readers' Group to see if I'll be speaking or signing books near you.

If you'd like me to speak to your writing group or book club, email me at 

megan (at) megankellybooks (dot) com.

Speaking Topics


Nine "Simple" Steps to Self-Publishing

This workshop explains the basic terms and lays a foundation for the writer who needs to know what’s what. A person can find any information on the Internet, but she has to know what to research. This workshop is geared for the writer who is embarking on the self-publishing journey or who is lost in the terminology. 

This talk is not a how-to, but a what-the-heck-is-that? Rudimentary and straightforward information is presented, with time built-in for questions.

Sharing Words With Friends

 From contests to being in a group to partnering up with another writer, handling feedback is tricky. Phrasing what you want to say, how you critique others, or make comments as a judge in a contest can feel like tightrope walking. Megan Kelly has served as her writing chapter’s critique moderator for over fifteen years. She entered numerous contests when unpublished and now judges contests as a published author. She is also the force behind MK Books Editing, offering constructive guidance to her clients. 

Beginner Basics: Building Your Story From the Ground Up

From writing to formatting through getting feedback and on to submitting, Megan gives new authors the blueprint for a successful book..

Gagging Your Internal Editor

That devil on your shoulder can nudge you to write or freeze your fingers on the keyboard. Megan shares tips on how to work with (or gag) your internal editor.

From Contest Diva to Published Author

Megan Kelly finalled in numerous contests--and even won a few. In this workshop, she will outline why contests are important, discuss what type of contest to enter and when, and explain how to use contest feedback to improve your work and further your career. While she can’t sell your book, she will strategize on how to improve your writing and make your name and your work better known, which may lead to a sell.

Book Club Questions

Has your book club read my book and want to discuss it? I'm available to Skype or FaceTime with you. Email me at megan (at) megankellybooks (dot) com.