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Because Readability Matters 


As an author myself, I’m dedicated to preserving your voice. I have a 

Bachelor’s in English and over twenty years' experience editing and proofreading, including editing at all levels for Hallmark to launch their fiction line. I'm passionate about getting it right.

Proofread: I’ll double-check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Your manuscript should be “clean” before I see it. This stage is the last inspection before you send your book out into the world.

Copy/Line Edit: I’ll check grammar, punctuation, clarity, unnecessary words, awkward sentence structure, point of view, etc.This is the nitty gritty level.

Fact checking is the author’s job. I’ll assume the author has done her research.

I offer a complimentary sample copy edit or proofread of 5 pages. Let's see how we work together!

Comprehensive Edit: In the big picture stage, I address plot, setting, characterization, and other large-scale problems. It’s not a line/copy edit. A sample would consist of a full chapter; terms to be decided with client for both

the sample and the full.

Turnaround time depends on your needs and my schedule. 

All work is confidential.

  •  Proofreading: $140-$265 for 40,000-75,000 word ms
  •  Copy/Line editing: $250-$470 for 40,000-75,000 word ms

I try to keep my prices low, as I understand the struggles of the self-publishing author. Your book should be the best you can make it, and I'd like to help.

Contact me for more information or a quote on longer/shorter projects at MKBooksEditing (at) gmail (dot) com.



Megan at MK Books Editing is my go-to editor for comprehensive editing and copy editing. She pushes my writing to the next level, and I can always depend on her honest and well-thought-out suggestions. It takes a team to write a great book, and I'm glad to have Megan on my team.

--Kizzie Waller, Lost Souls ParaAgency Series

Megan Kelly did an amazing job with my book, Devil May Care. It's in the middle of a series and she jumped in with both feet. She did a comprehensive edit with attention to detail. In addition to proofreading, she helped me with timelines, character voice, and many other excellent suggestions. I will be utilizing her skills for future Four Horsemen books!

--Cynthia Rayne, Devil May Care

Megan Kelly is an excellent and sharp-eyed proofreader. Her help in preparing several of my novels for reissue was invaluable. I appreciate her efficiency and precision in helping me make available to the reader the best and most readable books possible.

--Elizabeth Grayson, award-winning author of the Women's West series.

Megan Kelly is an excellent writer herself. She is an expert who knows good writing. Whether your manuscript needs help in composition, grammar or spelling, plot, character or style, you can trust her to hone in on your problem areas in your work and make them stronger. She will work with you to give you a salable manuscript. With great skill, she shaped and polished my latest work of fiction. I trust Megan with everything I write. She's the best.

--Carol Carson, Uneasy in New Orleans

After working with my traditional editors, I was impressed with the freelance content editing I received from Megan at MK Books Editing on my soon-to-be-released Wild Hearts, Book One of the Castleview series. Not only did she help me work through goal and motivation problems, she was able to help me with grammar and sentence structure issues.

--Lynn Collins, (aka Lynn Cahoon NYT Bestselling author of the Tourist Trap Mysteries)  Wild Hearts, Book One in the Castleview series